School Staff

KPC - Ariel Desine
Dianne Campbell (Planning Teacher) 

Assessment Program 
Tara Johnson/Julie Flynn/Shawna Reid/Jennifer St. Louis 

Primary Team 

Junior Team 
Gr. 4I -  Adam Luk 
Gr. 4/5E - Andrea Donato/Alex Derry
Gr. 5/6I -  Stephanie Brousseau
Gr. 6E - Meghan Downes/Erdia Prikulis

Primary French Extended
Teresa Charbonneau /Amy Bernard (1B, 1C, 2A, 2B)
Michael Sasso  (1A, 3A, 3B, 3/4) 

Junior French Extended
Erdia Prikulis

Sarah Burri
Joanne Wink

Lori Pasian

Educational Assistants
Jessica Ashby
Hollie Berard
Doug Besharah 
Matt Boucher
Evan Faux
Lindsay Gilmore
Richard Lanteigne
Tammy Lee
Ian Smith
Brittany Stevenson
Oscar Velasco

Library Technician
Chrissie MacEachern-Chaplin

Breakfast Club
Brittany Stevenson

Custodial Team 
Gilles Dion - Head Custodian
Ray Pendang - Evening Custodian

Parenting & Family Literacy Centre
Margaret Holman

EDP Coordinator
Ganna Volkova

Casual Office Administrator
Nerissa Khan

Office Administrator
Shelly Carroll

Vice Principal 
Kim Hutchinson 

Kim Izsak

About Our School

School Schedule
Supervision7:45 - 8:00
Entry Bell8:00
 Block 18:00 - 9:50
Nutrition Break9:50-10:35
 Block 210:35 -12:15
 Nutrition Break   12:15 - 1:00
 Block 31:00 - 2:30

The St. Elizabeth School Community is committed to providing the highest possible quality in Catholic Education for all of our students. We are committed to sharing its values in an atmosphere of respect and caring in order to nurture the spiritual, academic and physical development of our students. We will prepare them for the future and challenge everyone to be the best they can be. 

Contact numbers
Please ensure we have the latest, most up-to-date phone and contact information.  This ensures that if we need to reach you with important information or your child becomes ill or injured during the day we can contact you.  

Lunches and Snacks
Some children at our school have life-threatening allergies to some foods. Food containing nuts or legumes (such as peanut butter) will trigger these allergies - even if it is just present in the room.

In respect of the medical needs of these students, we request that parents do not send any peanut butter sandwiches or any products containing nuts or traces of nuts to school.  Thank you for helping to keep all our students safe.  

Recess Breaks
All children are expected to participate in the recess breaks in the playground; parents are responsible for ensuring that children come to school dressed appropriately. In case of inclement or cold weather (temperatures and/or windchill lower than -25 C), recess breaks will be held indoors.

Breakfast Club
Successful students need to start their day with the proper nutrition, and our Breakfast Club ensures that all of our students have this critical opportunity. Please contact the main office for more information about this daily program.

Shoes at School
For reasons of safety, all students must provide a pair of shoes with non-marking rubber soles to be worn while at school. These shoes will be stored at the school, and must be suitable for physical education activities.

Volunteer Opportunities
We offer many opportunities for volunteering at school, or with our School Council. If you would like to participate in one of these programs, please inquire through the main office. Volunteers are required to submit to a police record check under Board and Provincial guidelines.

School Bus Transportation
For the safety of all concerned, all children are required to sit properly, talk quietly, and obey the bus driver. A responsible adult must supervise and meet JK and SK students at the bus stops. OSTA, the school bus consortium, maintains a website with up to date information:

Lost and Found
It is essential that all articles of clothing and other belongings be clearly labeled. If an article becomes lost, please inquire through the main office. Children are not permitted to bring skateboards, electronic games or music devices with headphones, rollerblades or other expensive items to school. Sports equipment should be carried in a bag for safety reasons.

Emergency School Closure
For weather emergencies, such as snow storms, the Board will announce school closures on the local radio and TV stations. If the emergency closure occurs during the school day, families will be notified by telephone; please ensure that you notify us about any changes in your current telephone numbers, about any special requirements. If school buses are not available, parents will be responsible for providing transportation home from the school.

Activities, Clubs & Teams

St. Elizabeth Sports Teams: Home of the Eagles! 

Soccer  (Girls - Sept 21 & Boys - Sept. 28)
Volleyball (Girls - November 10 & Boys - November 17)
Floorball  (Girls - January 24 & Boys - January 26)
Tchoukball (Girls - March 8 & Boys - March 9)
Basketball  (Girls - April 12 & Boys - April 20) 
Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee - (May 11)
Co-ed Track and Field   - (June 21)

Art Club 
Bucket Drumming
Environment Club 
Gardening Club
Lego & Science Club
Office Helpers
Robotics Club
Social Justice Club
Ukulele Club

Spirit Days
Terry Fox Run
Lenten Fundraiser
Air Band Competition
Swim to Survive (Gr. 3)
Scientists in the School
Drama & Dance Workshops

We encourage our students to participate in extracurricular clubs and school teams each year. We know many students have opportunity to participate in local area teams and some of our students do not have this opportunity. Therefore, we attempt to motivate all students to try out for our school teams and our aim is to involve as many students as possible.